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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 23, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this morning, the final stretch begins. >> we're four years closer to a nuclear iran. >> we also have fewer horses and bayonets. >> the president and mitt romney, both sure and steady in their final faceoff. the race, closer than ever. we're live in florida. breaking overnight. just hours after a tearful vigil, the search for a missing new jersey girl ends. the discovery everyone ends. a shutout and a soaker. the world series match-up is set, sealed during a pouring rain after one incredible comeback. and brainy beluga. the white whale that taught himself to sound like a person.
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good morning. i'm sunny hostin. paula faris is on assignment. >> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. we begin this tuesday with the third and final presidential debate. a florida faceoff that had the candidates sparring over foreign policy issues. >> both of them hit the campaign trail in swing states with two weeks to go. brandi hitt is in boca raton. good morning, brandi. >> this is the final round in a very close race. for most of the night, it appeared president obama appeared to be on offense, as both candidates made their final pitches to the american people. president obama reminded voters he is commander in chief, as he went after republican challenger, mitt romney. >> wrong and reckless leadership that is all over the map. >> attacking me is not an agenda. >> reporter: romney spent the night arguing america has lost its world influence, especially
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with iran. >> the greatest threat is iran, four years closer to a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: but both sides agreed on iranian sanctions. and the policies in syria, egypt and afghanistan. still, that didn't stop the attacks. >> i congratulate him on taking out osama bin laden. we can't kill our way out of this mess. >> i'm glad you recognized al qaeda's a threat. a few months ago when asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america, you said russia. >> our navy is smaller now than ever. >> the nature of our military's changed. >> reporter: they brought the debate back to the number one issue, the economy. in particular, u.s. auto jobs. >> you were very clear that you would not provide government assistance to the u.s. auto companies, even if they went through bankruptcy.
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>> the idea that has been suggested that i would liquidate the industry, of course not. >> reporter: the latest abc news/"washington post" poll shows this race is still close, with the president carrying a one-point lead. >> i don't think mitt romney hurt himself. but i think barack obama may have helped himself a point or two in the course of the debate. >> reporter: and with exactly two weeks, now, until election day, both of the candidates will be spending most of their time campaigning in the key battleground states. reporting live in boca raton, florida, brandi hitt. now, back to you live in the studio. >> thank you, brandi. the final presidential debate is in the books. and the final sprint to election day can begin. >> and joining us is our senior washington editor, rick klein. thank you for being here. did you think last night's debate move the needle at all in an increasingly tight race? >> i think mitt romney felt good
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about things coming out of the debate. they had momentum going into it. and they do no harm. they didn't want to interrupt the fact that people are giving mitt romney a second look. >> how did the president do? as the incumbent and having the advantage of sitting in on four years of all of the foreign policy briefings, it would occur to most people that he really had the stronger position going into tonight's debate. >> that's right. i thought he scored more points in zingers. this time, it was president obama who was the aggressor. he took it to mitt romney time and time again. he did a lot of good among his base. he reminded him over and over again. he's the president. he is the one that's been in there. i think maybe he overcorrected at times. and mitt romney has found a way to show voters he belongs out there. >> over the next two weeks, where do both campaigns you think devote their resources in the critical final weeks? >> camp out in ohio. that's the one state that mitt
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romney can't win without. and it's the one state that president obama can deny mitt romney a victory by winning. the last couple of weeks that have seen battleground states polls tip toward mitt romney. mitt romney has stayed below 45%. president obama, 50%. that's the critical state in this election. >> all eyes on that state. abc news senior washington editor, rick klein. thank you for being here. >> thank you, guys. >> we'll have fresh reaction coming up on "good morning america" today. we'll talk with vice president joe biden and also romney running mate, paul ryan. chicago area congressman jesse jack jr. is apparently on his way back to the mayo clinic for more treatment. jackson quietly went on medical leave in june. and his office released little information until confirming he was being treated at the clinic for bipolar disorder. he was released in september and returned to his washington home.
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disturbing details about the shooting in a wisconsin day spa. the man who killed his wife and two other women had been terrorizing the women for years. the wife took out a restraining order days before the shooting, saying he threatened to kill her. that should have prevented her husband by getting a gun. but he went around the law by buying one in a private sale. tropical storm sandy is barreling through the caribbean, poised to unleash heavy downpours. it could strengthen into a hurricane by the time it hits jamaica tomorrow. sandy is on track to dump up to a foot of rain on hispaniola, cuba, and the bahamas. but for now, it's not posing a threat to the u.s. >> aa reminder that storm season goes through november. another through inches of snow in the sierra nevada and cascades. up to ten inches in the northern rockies. lingering rain, meanwhile, from
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seattle to san francisco. scattered showers around fargo, minneapolis, chicago and detroit. much of the same in new york and new england. >> 60s in the northeast. mostly 70s in the midwest and plains. 80s from miami to dallas. 50s in the pacific northwest. and when we come back this morning, the next small thing. apple is ready to make a big announcement later today. and growing concerns about a popular energy drink. the feds are stepping in to see if people have died from drinking the monster brand. and later, don't look now. a well-known electronics company comes up with an idea that's to die for.
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welcome back, everybody. there is new controversy regarding energy drinks. the food and drug administration says it's investigating five deaths that may be related to monster energy drinks. the monster says it does not believe its beverages contributed to those deaths. the company has more than one-third of the sales in the fast-growing energy drink market which targets teens and young adults and overnight newscasters. there are already calls in congress for greater regulation. apple is only saying it has a little announcement today. but that's expected to be the unveiling of its ipad mini. the smaller tablet will be the company's first new product since the death of steve jobs and will compete in the lower end of the tablet market. apple may also announce some product updates today. and it's shaping up as a big month for the tech industry. besides that apple announcement, microsoft begins selling its
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surface tablet and windows 8 operating system on friday. and google is also expected to unveil a ten-inch tablet next week. fedex expects to ship a record number of packages during the holidays this year. 13% more, in fact, than last year. that's because of the increase in online shopping. fedex says the peak will be december 10th, with 19 million packages passing through its hands. we'll hear what larger rival u.p.s. thinks later today. and a study finds that being part of the in crowd means income. popular kids in high school earn more later in life than the geeks and dorks. a wisconsin study tracked students who graduated in 1957. and the researchers say kids with good social skills do better with colleagues and clients as adults. i don't know. i tend to think the geeks make a bit more cash. >> bill gates, probably a little dorky. but look at him now. zuckerberg, yeah.
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a few other contrary examples on that one. still ahead on this tuesday morning, a comeback story, san francisco-style. the giants are heading to the world series. and wait until you hear how they did it. and the big casino heist that could turn out to be less "ocean's 11" and more "dumb and dumber." [ male announcer ] one try can change everything. one try can relieve your nightly congestion without the blowing the stacking the steaming. that's the transformative power of one ingenious little breathe right. try one free at and open your nose instantly. feel the power of air sleep like you mean it and rise to mornings alive with activity. breathe better, sleep better. one free try is all it takes. it's your right to breathe right! just mix together a few nasimple ingredients... andng. one free t"voila".l it takes.
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to shape our curriculum. so that when you find the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work. well, northern california is getting slammed by some wild weather. funnel clouds were spotted north of sacramento yesterday. and at least one tornado touched down, uprooting several trees in the area. the twister was spawned by the first major storm of the season, which dumped up to two feet of snow in the sierra nevada. and it's not over yet. even more snow is on tap for today. now, for a look at morning road conditions. snow-covered mountain passes in the cascades, sierra nevada and
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northern rockies. a slick commute from seattle to san francisco. roads will be wet at times around the upper midwest, great lakes, new york, and new england. >> and if you're flying today, some airport delays are possible in salt lake city, san francisco, where the party's still going on, and chicago and detroit. breaking news overnight in the search for a missing new jersey girl. >> officials in gloucester county believe they have found the body of 12-year-old autumn pasquale inside a recycling container, not far from where the little girl disappeared. the middle schooler was seen saturday riding her bike to a friend's house. her family reported her missing when she did not return by curfew. also, a scare in wisconsin overnight. a small plane made a crash-landing on a highway, backing up traffic for miles. the twin-engine aircraft was trying to land at an airport in racine county when it came down on i-94. there were two people onboard but they were not injured. robert kennedy's youngest
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son returns to court today, after tearful testimony from a maternity ward nurse who said he twisted her arm and kicked another nurse to the floor. the scuffle took place back in january, when the nurses tried to stop douglas kennedy from taking his newborn son from a suburban new york hospital. kennedy's attorney insists he just wanted to take his son outside for some fresh air. he said the nurses are after the family's wealth. las vegas police are asking for help in finding a man they say stole $1.5 million worth of casino chips from the venetian hotel. they say 31-year-old akingide cole from palmdale, california, got into a closed area, then made off with all those chips. casinos usually put a different set into use after a theft. so, police say it's unlikely he will get much for them, if anything at all. so close. but not quite. here's one about a brave 10-year-old.
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paityn mock from camas, washington, was home from school with a fever. and her mother had gone out for a few minutes when three men rang the doorbell. but because she didn't know them, she didn't open the door. the men thought no one was home. so, they broke a window and came in. paityn was terrified. but she kept her wits about her and called 911. >> 911. how can we help you? >> i'm at my house. my mom's at the grocery store. and someone got into my house. i'm in my pantry. and they're upstairs. >> you hear noises upstairs? >> yes. i saw them. >> the police and her mother were there within minutes. they caught one of the intruders. he's helping them identify the other two. now, paityn is known as the home alone girl. medical news now. a leading doctor's group has just changed some pretty important cancer screening guidelines for women. the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists now says most women can wait three to five years between pap
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tests to check for cervical cancer. the group says women ages 30 to 65 should get a pap test, along with screening for the hpv virus once every five years. and influential american academy of pediatrics is calling organic fruits and vegetables into question. the group, offering its first advice on organic food says organic produce is not necessarily safer or more nutritious than regular food. the researchers say more long-term studies are needed. the world series match-up is set after a spectacular series between the giants and cardinals. highlights, now, from espn news. >> good morning. i'm todd grisham. and this is your "sportscenter" update. president obama and mitt romney weren't the only two big hitters squaring off against each other. how about the giants and the cardinals? game seven of the nlcs. this one was for all the marbles. and the third inning was the cardinals' albatross. they wish they could go back and
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do it all again. a bases-clearing double with an error, gives the giants a 5-0 lead. bases loaded again, still no outs. brandon crawford, shot into a fielder's choice. pence scores from third. and it's 6-0. bottom of the eighth. it's gone from bad to worse. brandon belt, giants up 9-0. the rain would come down. and the game would end on this pitch, as matt holliday flies out to marco scutaro. he was the mvp of the series. the giants win it 9-0. they will face the tigers in the world series beginning wednesday night. how about some "monday night football"? nfc north battle. the only thing that was missing was the frozen tundra. the bears pretty darn good this year. only one loss. they scored first. brandon marshall with a touchdown reception in his third-straight game.
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it's 7-0. scary moment here for jay cutler, taken down hard by ndamukong suh. fourth quarter, now. and the lions trying to score. but they just can't seem to get it done. matthew stafford, ooh. that sums up the night. sod in his face. bears win it, 13-7. that will do it for your look at sports. i'm todd grisham. please, have a good day. >> we will. up next, "the pulse." and superman is quitting his day job. clark kent has had it with "the daily planet." and the whale that sounds surprisingly human. hear the amazing noises that has scientists talking. plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months,
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well, topping your tuesday "pulse," one incredible whale. >> this really is something. scientists in san diego couldn't believe their ears when they first heard the noise. sort of like someone singing in the shower. but it was actually a captive beluga whale, sounding eerily like a human voice. [ whale making noises ] >> they think the whale's close proximity to people allowed him to listen to and mimic human speech. he made the noises for several years and then went back to sounding like a whale again. it does sound -- >> that's interesting. >> it does sound like a person singing. >> a little bit. i'm afraid it sounds like that after a few drinks. well, attention comic book fans. there's a job opening at "the daily planet." yes. mild-mannered clark kent, otherwise known as superman, is giving up his newspaper gig.
4:24 am
>> yes. it happens in the upcoming superman 13 issue. with the man of steel getting fed up and quitting the paper where the superhero alter ego has worked since the early days, more than 70 years ago. >> what's clark kent going to do now? he's going to become a blogger and maybe even launch an online start-up. sign of the times for superman. well, an electronics company has found a pretty creative way to promote its latest technology by scaring the heck out of potential customers. >> l.g. showed off the like-like color and clarity of its newest flat-screen tvs by fixing them to the floor of an elevator. take a look at the passengers freak out as the floor appears to fall out from under them. >> and a big sigh of relief as soon as they realize they're not about to plummet to their death. the ad is appropriately titled, so real, it's scary. >> if you have a heart attack, make sure you sue. for some of you, now, your local news, coming up next.
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what you didn't see in last night's debate. giants back to win a ticket to the world series. how the team and fans are celebrating. >> they had to play in the rain last night. tracking live doppler right now, mainly quieter than yesterday. we'll talk about the northern rockies. a few more inches in cascades and sierras. showers out west. this morning, an unusual shuffle in the ballroom. "dancing with the stars" splits up week five to work around the presidential debate. >> that means no eliminations
4:28 am
this week. but there was still lots of excitement to go around. more from kabc's george pennacchio. >> reporter: gilles marini and his partner, petra murgatroyd had near perfection. >> it's going to keep going up and up and up. and she's got the perfect recipe to make anybody dance incredibly. >> reporter: half a point behind, emmitt smith and cheryl burke sambaed to success. >> it's my altitude. and it determines by attitude. i know some dances are difficult for me. i go in with the proper attitude, knowing i'm going to have to work extremely hard. >> reporter: kirstie alley and maxim cent maxim center kov ski had their best dance of the year. >> the presidential candidates should be doing this. >> reporter: kelly monaco and
4:29 am
val got the lowest scores. >> i think the final product was amazing. i don't disagree with the judges this time around. you know. i just -- there are no excuses. >> reporter: the other four couples danced a group freestyle number that got each of them 29 1/2 points. and their good fortune came after melissa rycroft herniated a disc in her neck at rehearsal on sunday. >> the fact we were given permission, i was happy to go out there. adrenaline takes over, definitely. i think i was more cautious than i would have been had this not happened. >> reporter: you'll see four more guilty pleasure dances tonight. and team gilles takes the stage with gangnam style. george pennacchio, abc news. >> should be good. you can see more dancing tonight on abc. thanks for watching. stay with us for "good morning america." >> have a great tuesday, everybody.


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